Uneeda Boom Weight?
ubw_pr_sm.jpg Do you use the Beyer/AKG/KM microphone stands? Does your boom arm seem like it could use a couple of doses of Viagra? Is it always drooping on you when you least expect it?

Uneeda Boom Weight!

The boom pivot screw was loose for this picture!

  The boom's pivot screw was loose for this picture!

Crank on the pivot screw all you want, but if the microphone on the other end is heavy enough you'll bend the tightening lever before you can get it tight enough. One of the problems of course, is that there is literally no counterweight at the end of these booms. Sure, the diameter is a bit larger, but who are they fooling? There really isn't enough weight to do the job. The other problem is most users position the boom with the arm extended and the pivot point literally inches away from the end of the arm. In reality, you should alter the pivot point to balance the weight of the microphone against the counterweight. Counterweight? What counterweight?
The Uneeda Boom Weight (UBW) is a 6-inch piece 3/8" thick steel tubing weighing 2.6lbs with a 0.860 diameter center hole (a bit over 27/32" or 21.8mm). The UBW slips over the counterweight on the boom and fastens with a thumbscrew. Now you have half a chance that the boom arm will remain where you set it, and if you really want to get fancy about it you can vary the position of the pivot point until the UBW truly balances the weight of the microphone.

NOTE: the new (restock) UBW is now a medium gray color, about the same shade of gray as a Bud Minibox.

.n.b. I have found that other manufacturer's boom arms have different diameter counterweights (if you could call that a counterweight at all) than the K/M or AKG parts (AKG is made by K/M). If your boom isn't made by K/M or AKG, take the time to measure it first. If you have a lathe, you might be able to enlarge the center hole somewhat. The tubing's wall thickness is a bit over 0.375".

Price List USD
Uneeda Boom Weight $25
Shipping and Handling (UPS) UPS actual cost + $3. (approx $18)
Additional units slightly increase shipping cost.
Shipping and Handling (USPS) USPS cost + $5

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